Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Icenoie Hokkaido special?


Q: Are Icenoie Hokkaido products vegetarian?

Our gelato, soft serve, parfait and dessert do not contain any meat or fish.


Q: Do Icenoie Hokkaido products contain eggs and milk?

Yes, our gelato, soft serve, parfait and dessert contain eggs and milk, unless otherwise stated.


Q: Is Icenoie Hokkaido Halal?

While not Halal-certified, our gelato, soft serve, parfait do not contain alcohol, pork, or lard.

Also, our Red Wine Soft Serve does not contain alcohol and has been featured on Halal blogs.

Q: Are Icenoie Hokkaido products safe to consume for pregnant moms and children?

Our gelato, soft serve and mooncake do not contain artificial additives, preservatives or emulsifiers.

Natural firming agents are derived from only seaweed.


Q: What are Raw Milk Gelato Mooncakes?

This 2019, we are making our mooncake debut with six kawaii cow embossed mooncakes, filled with our signature gelato.

Choose from six best selling rich and creamy gelato mooncakes. This Mid Autumn Festival, you gotta #MooMooMooncakes

Q: How are the Raw Milk Gelato Mooncakes packaged?

They are packed individually, and for $30 mooncake purchase and above, you get a limited edition cooler bag with ice packs that will keep the mooncakes cool and good for four to six hours. Perfect as a gift, or for personal consumption.

Q: What is the shelf life of Raw Milk Gelato Mooncakes?

Keep them in the freezer and they can be consumed within one year from purchase.


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